Radio Silence

Hey! It's been a while on this ole blog! Actually, I feel like its been a while in every part of my life.  Do you ever feel like your in the trenches? Just on the break of the beautiful horizon but first you have to hike up a huge mountain. I feel like Austin and I are in the middle of hiking our mountain but not quite there yet and it's really hard to write about something when its not finished. So I've been hiding out in my house staying busy with extra work and laundry.. the laundry never ends. But I miss this blog and writing, so here we have a fish dress. The most authentic hawaiian fish dress you ever did see. Its hides food babies and you can wear it with jeans or really anything. It's the prettiest of blues and at times will look like a moo moo but I'm sort of digging that slit on the leg so I'm going with it. Besides that nothings new, we just got back from dreamy Chicago and are going to Texas next week. Its Austin half birthday today! So that calls for a celebration, he's almost 25.. such an old man! Plus its almost SUMMER and that causes for everyone to be happy! I'm excited to get back to this space and start creating and sharing again!

Happy random Thursday to all of you who still take the time to read this blog!