Spring Favorites

As much as I hate to admit that these pictures were taken while it was snowing. But this truly is what I've been loving this spring. Over every outfit below I have easily thrown on a kimono or a over sized sweater and have been perfectly warm. It's been pretty windy here in colorado so far so here's how I prepare for that.

I've also noticed a a shift in my style lately. It happened while we were in California. I loved everything I packed so much I truly felt guilty thinking about all the clothes I had sitting at home that I NEVER wear, but love. So as soon as I got home (after my suitcase sat on the ground for a week) I purged. I gave some of my beloved pieces to a good friend, sold some others, and packed away my winter and fall clothes so I didn't have to look at them anymore. My style has turned into basic quality pieces with a few electric vintage pieces I have thrifted. You can probably find me in a basic, nude colored outfit everyday with a kimono for a pop. I have to admit I love this new me and we have some huge fun changes coming up in the next year that I can't wait to share! I'm really enjoying who we are right now. Do you ever just sit back and realize you are happy with yourself in this moment and you feel like a great person who's killing it! Thats been life ever since I snapped out of my silly mood. 

Say hello to track shorts. You new buff for the spring. Comfy, cute, casual. throw on a white button up with a pair of sneakers and wow you easily look put together while basically wearing pajamas! ( always a win in my book)

You need an A-line cotton dress in your wardrobe this spring. Brandy Melville is a new favorite brand of mine. My brothers have bought my birthday presents from there a few times and I finally got to go to a store while we were in cali. I have this dress in two colors because that material!. They have the best material of all time, I'm going to live in it. No but really, fully expect to see me in these everyday.

* see black on here 

Another Brand Melville item. a sleeveless styled boyfriend cut off. pajamas people, pajamas. Also I scored those birkenstock for a whomping 5 bucks. pretty proud. Also please notice I am have the same exact face in those last three pictures.... awkward!

Lastly, these gems. Woven black shorts + messy bun. These woven shorts will probably make it into my summer essentials as well because I am just so stoked over them. You can pair them with anything. Since its spring, I throw this sweater over everything. It's an excuse to wear shorts but still be protected from the wind.