Talk about hardest secret to keep ever. Like and we mean E V E R. We are having a baby! A sweet little chubby legged half greek baby who might share his/her birthday with Jesus. Austin already told him/her that Jesus wins hands down. lol. 

And how incredible is that hand painted announcement at the beginning of this post? Austin completely blew my mind and surprised me when he had Annie from The Wells Makery make this. I've always wanted a family portrait of us that we can have someone paint every few years and grow with our family and he remembered! I really picked the best husband you guys and now I get to have a baby with him!

How far along are you: 13 weeks.

Baby Size: A Lemon!

Current Cravings: Oranges, Lemons, Mangos, Asian Salad and Pickles  . So happy to be done throwing up!

The Bump: Pretty much just feeling bloated and waiting for my bump! I want the bump!!!! Yesterday I was at Panera for a salad and I may have gotten a bagel as well. Well I happened to be alone and already felt like I had way to much food for myself.  I kept hearing them call my name and I was like nah, its not me I already got my food. Well one of the employees came over to me and was like they are calling you. So I go over there and they had made a another salad for me on accident so here I am, alone... with 2 huge salads, bread, and a bagel. I thought it was so funny, but probably would have been even funnier if I was like 7 months pregnant.

Looking Forward: Feeling the baby kick.  I have already twice and everyone says different things of when you can start to feel your baby. But I'm pretty convinced me and our little guy/girl have already had some special moments. We also have a few unexpected trips planned now and Im so excited. We had gone into this year knowing it was going to be life changing in a lot of ways and also very busy and hard but now we have something to be over joyed about everyday and something to push us to not give up!

Meaningful moments: Yesterday we got to hear our babies heartbeat with our midwife. It was honestly the best sound we have ever heard. Austin took a video of me and I just was in shock and couldn't believe we have a baby in there who happens to sound like a race horse!

Changes to the home: none yet. We are looking to buy a house soon so I don't really want to do anything yet. But I might have already made multiple lists of everything I want.

Austin thoughts: He is so excited to be a dad! He talks to the baby every day and tells he/she he's going to put them in time out when they come out if he/she keeps making mommy sick. It's pretty much he cutest thing ever. I know he is going to be the best papa and I can't wait for him to be able to feel the baby kick.

So surprise! This is why I've been horrible at blogging and feeling lots of up and down emotions! It all made sense after we found out we were pregnant because for a while I was thinking I was starting to go crazy. The first 3 months of pregnancy weren't exactly how I dreamt of them to be so I struggled feeling like a failure. But we are on the other side of that now and I'm feeling much better and more like myself! I'm so excited for our bond to grow stronger everyday to our little one. This is going to be the BEST YEAR!