Thank You!

Happy Monday! I just wanted to say thank you so much for everyones sweet comments on our little bun in the oven! I was overwhelmed on Facebook and Instagram with so much encouragement and joy! Social media can be so negative at times so when a bunch of internet friends can come together and be so supportive and happy for someone they have/haven't met, it blows my mind with gratitude! So thank you thank you thank you!!   

So last week a friend and I were thrifting and later we joked how we felt competitive because we both have similar style so even tho we wanted to look at separate racks we felt the need to stay on top of each other because what if one of us finds something amazing! Haha well I happened to find this bad boy and we both about died. I told her when I'm too pregnant for it I'll give it to her! So I wore this yesterday and of course Austin made sure to tell me just how unflattering my bum looked because his hate for rompers/jumpers is REAL! The funny thing is last night I had this crazy dream that my friends and I were dancing to Taylor's Swifts new single "Jumpers" and then she called us up on stage to be her background dancers for her new tour and yes, we were all wearing matching jumpers just rocking out with t-swift. Hahaha talk about dream come true in some super odd way.