The Next Olympian

Yesterday we had an early morning playdate with some friends! In the mornings its been in low 50s and then the sun comes out and we all sweat to death from layering and then it gets cold again in the evenings! But thats Fall here and I love it! Any excuse for Olive to wear that adorable cozy jacket! We started letting Olive actually play at the park instead of just on the grass next to park! She seriously had the time of her life yesterday before dinner. She swung on the swings and climbed up stairs and went down the slide. She even did the monkey bars and would hold onto them... our kid is pretty much going to be the next Olympian. They are going to interview us in 15 years and we'll be like yeah... she's been doing this since she was 10 months old.. she was destined! Hahaha... but on a serious note we had the best time and I want to take her to the park every day just to see her smile like she did. 

I've been a big fan of the brand Frankie Jones since it launched last year. Olives worn her clothes HERE (knit onesie) & HERE...(Floyd Romper) and HERE (Stevie Romper) My amazing super cozy sweater is from Frankie Jones. It's one of those pieces you keep for years and it only gets more cozy as time goes on. Olives little knit bloomers are from their shop to. (HERE) Im drooling over every item in their kids line! Frankie Jones is of course all the way in Australia... like all of my favorite shops are. But they are offering Kole Impression readers FREE international shipping!! which is saving you like $20 bucks! So use code "olive" at checkout to claim your free shipping! Happy shopping!