I wish I could claim this vintage beauty a find of my own but it was my sisters. She mailed it to me a few weeks ago and I can't believe I just put it on! I want to live in it. I wore it two days in a row and Austin told me I looked like a charlie's angel, I told him ill accept that compliment any day.  I'm convinced Georgia has better thrift stores than Colorado because lately here it has been thin pickins and in GA there never seems to be a dull. (so jealous!) How was your weekend? Lately,  I've been living for the weekend with my cute hubs. We mostly celebrate with breakfast dates and naps..bring on all the naps. I feel like every weekend I wake up wanting breakfast and then I want to go right back to sleep and turns out my husband does too so we are pretty lucky we married each other. Also, If you noticed I dyed my hair last week. Im loving how blonde it is. Im excited for it to get longer and my natural color to come in and be more of a sun kissed look but this is totally just as fun.