Alley & Landon's Bohemian Wedding in Kentucky

Hi Everyone! I wanted to create a new section on my website so I can share a few more photos of all my wonderful couples stories! This intimate wedding is so dear to me. Allie and Landon are two of the most kind people I've ever met. Allie is SO creative and made every single detail you see above and Landon is so calm and kind. They chose to get married in a family owned cabin in the woods of Kentucky. Their ceremony was incredibly romantic and very simple. They stood under a handmade teepee, shared their personal vows, kissed and lit a candle to seal the deal. They spent the rest of the evening in the company of their closest friends and family sharing stories and hanging out by the fire. At the very end of the night we walked down to the dock where they got engaged the year before to light a lantern. It was so dry that they only ended up lighten one in fear they were going to light the woods on fire. But it made for a fun story. It was such memorable day and I was so honored to get to capture it. 

Stay tuned for many more beautiful stories!

Stephanie PollockComment