#thedailymoments is back and I’m so happy about it! I’ve missed this project I started last year and all the memories that were saved with it. I was so consistent and then we started traveling and I felt like it was hard to keep up. So I took a little break from this creative outlet but gosh, looking back through the posts a side of me wish I would have kept up. So anyways here we are kicking off 2019 and hoping I stick this out because the memories are so worth it. If your new here and want to join, read these first few posts HERE & HERE about why I started this project and how I capture these moments and find the beauty in the mundane.

  1. Mornings with P before O wakes up

  2. Making muffins for breakfast… that bedhead is so sweet!

  3. Morning play

  4. Olive asking me a very serious question…. if she can have a sucker

  5. Blurry self timer… but I love it

  6. Girls are napping and I’ve been reading The Passion Translation of the Bible… its SO good

  7. Playing peek-a-boo in the curtains.. that little hand on Pearls cheek is so sweet!

  8. Building towers. We are not watching any tv in January and the no screen time has been so wonderful for Olives imagination

  9. Nursing while on the Polar Express

  10. Papas homeeeeeee!

  11. Dinner time, love this snap!

  12. A good hose off before bedtime because Pearl and red sauce is a beautiful thing.

    If you join in on this little project make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all tag along!